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In "Extra Large Medium", the show's main character, Peter, discovers that he has supposedly developed "extrasensory perception" (ESP) after his two sons, Chris and Stewie, go missing during a family hike in the woods.Soon after being rescued, Chris decides to ask out a classmate at his school, named Ellen, who has Down syndrome, and eventually takes her on a romantic date, and receives some head which he goes on to regret.“I saw a great looking young lady and, as lots of traveling musicians do, I struck up a conversation with her,” Royal recounted to me after my original piece on Palin was published.“She told me her name was Sarah.” Royal admits he was hitting on her and, he claims, she knew it. As one of the most prominent Republicans in the country, Powell has spoken out about the decline of the GOP.

Andrea Fay Friedman, who was also diagnosed with Down syndrome and portrayed the character of Ellen, publicly refuted Palin, instead supporting executive producer and series creator Seth Mac Farlane, who defended the episode, and was also supported by Bill Maher, the host of Real Time.Long before Gregory Charles Royal became a judge on America’s Hot Musician, a talent competition airing in 200 US television markets, he was a hot, young jazz trombonist.Today, he is someone confirming from first-hand experience that Palin has always been racist as alleged by numerous sources in my original article on her, “Alaskans Speak: Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive and Mean.” And he’s willing to be quoted by name. He received formal trombone training when he was 11 in the DC Youth Orchestra Program while simultaneously playing in Washington clubs with Roscoe Bowie’s Message Band and Show.Their encounter reportedly occurred in the dorm room of Sarah's younger sister Molly at the University of Alaska Anchorage, according to the book.Rice confirms the hookup in Mc Ginniss' book, according to the source, "but he's quoted as saying he didn't think Sarah harbored any bad feelings over being with him because he was black.

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When a person of the national stature of Colin Powell says that Sarah Palin is a bigot, you know it must be true.